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Shallaway's world premiere of Ann & Séamus - A Chamber Opera, Words and Music by Stephen Hatfield, Produced & Musical Direction by Susan Knight, Stage Direction & Production Design by Jillian Keiley, Lighting Design by Robert Gauthier, Costume Design by Melanie Mooney and Fionnuala McMahon, Photos by Justin Hall

Photo captions are from Stephen Hatfield's scene descriptions contained in the premiere performance program.

(Cast A) Opening Scene - "A duet for people who've never met, sung across the Atlantic Sea, I've been waiting...I've been waiting...

(Cast A) Scene 7 - " No beds, old bread, no heat: the passengers lament the wide, restless sea."

(Cast 1) Scene 5 - "The Harvey's entertain an American friend: presents; politics; kitchen party"

(Cast 1) Closing Scene - "Fare thee well. What a tale to tell. I'll remember...I'll remember..."

Cast photo - Cast A with Kathleen Allan as Ann and Andrew Dale as Séamus

Cast photo - Cast 1 with Allison Nicholas as Ann and Andrew Dale as Séamus

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